Evaluations & Publications

Justice Michael J. Gallagher (Ret.)

Judicial Evaluations by the Bar

Throughout his career Judge Gallagher received the highest evaluations from bar associations and endorsements from editorial boards.  

In 2008 when he was running for retention, the Chicago Bar Association stated that "Justice Gallagher served with distinction in the Appellate Court." 

The CBA concluded “Justice Gallagher is highly regarded and epitomizes the qualities looked for in an Appellate Court Justice.”


Justice Gallagher has written on mediation practices, arbitration, secured transactions, evidence, tort law and appellate practice. He has published several scholarly articles in publications including:

  • Chicago-Kent Law Review
  • Loyola Law Journal
  • Illinois Bar Journal
  • Chicago Bar Record

He also coauthored a chapter, “Successful Mediation” in Civil Liability and Courts Act 2004: Implications for Personal Injuries Litigation, Binchy, W. and Craven, C., eds., First Law, Ltd., (Dublin 2005).